Join us in 2019!

At SZM we are excited for our return to the great state of Texas in our 20th year of serving the needs of marching bands across the country!


Why use SZM . . . personal attention!

I do not have a blog, I don’t podcast, I don’t take pictures of my food at dinner, and I do not have (nor want) a million Twitter followers! What I do is devote myself, and my 20 years of experience, to 10 music clients and 10 drill clients a year. No more. That means that you get my personal attention and involvement in your band program so that your students sound and look amazing! Best of all, you don’t have to worry about having a quality competitive product to put on the field…that’s what I’m here for!


Custom/Original Music

A full-service music service which offers custom arrangements, or original music composition all centered on your production theme! Percussion arranging/composition can be included, and every part of your production is crafted to make your students sound amazing!


Visual Design

Drill design, choreography, visual coordination, and prop design are all a part of our total visual-design services! All elements are coordinated to tell your story, allow your students to perform flawlessly, and stage each element to perfection! All drill is “on the grid” which makes it go on the field quickly, and allows your staff to clean quickly and efficiently!