Parallel Dimensions (2011) SZM076


Composer Jason NItsch with SIS2 Conductor Lamar Burkhalter at the world premiere of Parallel Dimensions at the 2011 Midwest Clinic

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 6:15

Publisher: C. Alan Music Publishers


  • Percussion 1 - very high concert tom, xylophone, timbales, cowbell
  • Percussion 2 - high concert tom, vibraphone, 2 congas, China cymbal, cowbell
  • Percussion 3 - medium high concert tom, cabasa, flexatone, suspended cymbal, splash cymbal, cowbell
  • Percussion 4 - medium concert tom, egg shaker, vibraslap, ratchet, wind chimes, cowbell
  • Percussion 5 - medium low concert tom, trangle, cricket effect, bulb horn, tambourine, hi-hat, siren whistle, cowbell
  • Percussion 6 - low concert tom, bongos, slapstick, castanets, cowbell
  • Percussion 7 - muffled bass drum, cowbell

This piece was commissioned by the Schinewolf/Strack Intermediate Percussion Ensembles in commemoration of their 2011 performance at the MidWest international Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago. It is published by C. Alan Music and may be ordered from your local music retailer.

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