The Folly of it (2000) SZM011 

for Tenor and Piano

I. Tragedy
II. The Optimist
III. Home is Where there is One to Love Us

Dur: 6:00

Instrumentation: Piano, tenor voice.

This piece is a set of three songs that utilize poetry from American poets. Although each poem is different, I feel they all reflect upon the frailty, strength, and folly of life. Tragedy is set as a dance in a minor key to reflect the somewhat satirical message of a child’s want of a balloon. Home is Where There is One to Love us says things about the soul and spirit of all human beings and our quest for happiness. The Optimist was included in this set as an intentional satirical commentary on the ups and downs of life and some people’s ability or inability to deal with them.

Full Set                        $15.00